Simplify Timesheet & Payroll Management with WorkClock!

WorkClock is an Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Timesheet Approval and Payroll Processing software to manage entire Multi-site Workforce.

Designed as a Modular, Adaptable and Scalable Application, WorkClock provides you with the tools to approve and pay Employees and Contractors on time.

The full featured Payroll Calculation and Processing is currently available for Canada.

WorkClock has Standards based Authentication using OpenID, MSAL as well as Authorization methods like Code + PIN, RFID, Facial Recognition that allows the employees to Clock In and Out from where they work.

WorkClock can be enabled with GPS for location-based clock in/out, as well as tracking accurate work details.

WorkClock can be used as Standalone System or integrated with other Applications.

Employee Management
Payroll Configuration
Vacation and Holiday
Shift & Scheduling
Workday AutoClock
Multiple Authentication &
Authorization Capabilities
Full Featured Employee
Self-Serve Mobile App
Shift Swapping
Real-time Dashboard &