Odata Gainz™ is a rich end-to-end POS, Retail and Wholesale Multi-Channel Business Solution with Built-in pre-configured E-Commerce.

Ideal for B2B or B2C Companies, Gainz eliminates the hassle of maintaining multiple applications, by consolidating the management of all data and operations into a cohesive and secure system.

Real easy to deploy and use, Gainz is primed to manage E-Commerce, M-Commerce, Point of Sale, Mobile Point of Sale, Sales Orders, Real-time Inventory, Fulfillment, Invoicing, Purchase Order, Accounting, Payroll, CRM, Digital Marketing and Document Management.

We welcome you to browse through the aisles of some of the key features of Odata Gainz and determine how we can work together to enrich your enterprise with a smart and unified solution - Springboard your Retail with Odata Gainz!

B2B and B2C Solution
for Retail and Wholesale
Integrated Multi-Channel
Business Solution
In Store
Point Of Sale
and mPOS
Secure Built-in
E-Commerce and M-Commerce
and Cutting-Edge Designs
for Website
CRM and Digital
Marketing Tools
Real-time Order
and Inventory Management
and 3PL Fulfillment
Human Resource and
Payroll Management
Integrated Accounting
Cost-effective and Flexible
SaaS Model
Resilient Offline
Capability and Intelligent
Data Synchronization